by New Bridge for Cambodia Organization

The School Of Joy is committed to teach English & key life skills.

Equipped with better English, it provides the springboard to help our Cambodian children break out from the poverty trap to secure a better potential job / career future.

Concerned with both IQ and EQ, we provide an emotional climate aided by teacher-student rapport, feeding program, art & drawing, recreation & sport, traditional dancing, healthcare — all of which hope to improve the intellectual, physical & emotional health of these impoverished children.

Eventually, we seek to GIVE JOY to our children & their families.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, JOY, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, self-control ..."

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We recognise that only with a sound foundation in Education with emphasis on the English language, can Cambodian children break out of the Poverty trap. It is our Vision to thus empower their human spirit through nurturing of their minds, emotions, artistry & creativity.

Our Mission

To reduce their trauma & vulnerability to poverty through moulding them via English education, love for reading, pursuit of knowledge in order to:

  • Secure sound careers
  • Mould sound character and moral standing
  • Create generations of spirited & joyful people amidst this land of poverty & historical crisis where life is harsh
  • SIMPLY, to equip them for future opportunities while moulding them to be good people.

Programs in School of Joy
to empower and nurture the children

English classes in 3 comfortable, well-lit and well-ventilated classrooms.

Library with English and Khmer books to enhance their knowledge and reading skills.

Sewing classes with full time sewing teacher
but not up-to-standard sewing machines

Traditional Dancing Troupe of School of Joy
amateurs but full of enthusiasm

Sports and Recreation

Computers for the Older Children
to learn Microsoft Office and do their school assignments

Sunday Feeding Programme at the School
and Food Distribution at the Village
teachers and kids enjoying the nutritious food!

This is the School of Joy's new nurse.
We take care of the children and the elderly in the villages.

This is part of the School of Joy's healthcare programme

Staff Development and Training
We believe in nurturing our staff and do life skills training with them. The camaraderie among them is also strong via cooking together and socialising together.
We use the smiley face as our School icon to add unity to the team.
We aspire to launch an education trust fund for our staff and their children.

Attempt at Social Enterprise
We are trying to print tee shirts as a side business to add revenue to the school.

About Us

Who do we take care of?

Both the welfare of the children AND the teachers.
We wish to sustain and raise the level of performance for both parties.

Where are we located?

School of Joy 1

Located in the Recycled Village

School of Joy 2

Veal Village, Kokchork Commune
about 2km from town

Staff Strength

We have 15 Khmer teachers, 1 Administration / Accounts clerk and a Centre Principal.
We also give support and training to the staff as they strive to advance their careers.

Student Strength

  • The original School of Joy has more than 50 students.
  • The second School of Joy has about 350 students.

Financial Strength

  • Currently low and not sustainable.
  • Not self sufficient as we do not collect any fees from the families.
  • Heavily dependent on Love Gifts and Pledges. All ad-hoc funds.
Ways to Help


Contact Information


Pich Chansophol @ Paul  
Phone: +855 (0) 1221 5366



Esther Ng  
Phone: +6012 313 7828 (Malaysia)
Skype: schnauzzi